You Can Reduce Body Fat

You Can Reduce Body Fat

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Hmmm how to reduce body fat? Most people would skip a few meals or eat smaller meals with foods you aren't that fond of. Black coffee, endless carrot and celery sticks? At the end of the week, you hop on the scales to find you have barely lost any weight.

Oh sure, a diet like that, if you stick with it, will reduce body fat. Then you stop the diet because you have reached your weight loss goal. What happens then? Well in a lot of cases, you gain back what you lost and maybe even more. Why is this? Well when you put your body in starvation mode, it fights back. It thinks that this starvation thing is going to continue so it fights to keep the fat. Your metabolism will slow down, the body saves calories by not burning them off but instead taking energy from muscle, thereby reducing muscle instead of reducing body fat. By reducing your intake you are tricking the body to do what it thinks is natural; store as much fat as possible. Everything you take in is turned to fat for the long famine that your body sees coming. In addition to protecting its own store of fat, it takes all you eat and turns it to fat. For energy it taps the muscles.

As slimming equipment you stress the body and metabolism you begin to feel tired and you actually gain weight. Hey lets add exercise to the equation. Now you have a body that is being starved and fighting back that is also expected to do activity that requires exactly what you are starving it of. This makes your metabolism slow to a crawl. Everything you take in is turned to fat while the body is trying to save the fat it already has. Yep this is the way most people try to reduce body fat. It is exactly the opposite of what you should do.

What you should do is eat more nutritious foods and more of them with smaller more numerous meals. Try 5 or 6 meals a day that are lighter than the 2 of 3 your are eating now. This will turn up the metabolism and it will respond with burning the fat you have. By eating more meals but smaller portions you will shrink your stomach and reduce body fat.

Make sure that the meals you eat contain lots of protein, vitamins and essential fats and your body will do its job to reduce body fat. Protein in your meals makes the body release Glucagon which raises low blood sugar. This is accomplished by converting protein and fat into glucose. The benefits of a high protein diet include decreasing cholesterol production, making kidneys release excess fluid and reduce body fat by using it to fulfill its own energy requirements. It sounds funny but if you feed your body as much protein and good carbohydrates as it craves, you will actually eat yourself thinner. Good carbohydrates include whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

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